Navigating the Medicare Maze ?

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Your health coverage is a priority, not an option.


Don't get caught in the insurance company traps.

They want you to get locked into highly profitable coverage that's not right for you!

Let Gary do the research for you - and help you secure the right coverage and keep you updated with critical changes in the future.


Some Things You Should Know

The only thing that really matters is getting the plan with the “lowest net out of pocket for the drugs you are taking” But there are some things you may need to know so

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Monthly Prescription Price Changes

While your drug plan premium stays the same for the year, the price of your drugs can change month to month! If you need different drugs during the year, every plan has something to meet your needs-but at their price!


Monthly Prescription Price Changes

Dealing with Medicare continues well past the age of 65.

Insurance companies have a “If you snooze you lose” attitude towards your coverage. The never sleep and will offer you options that primarily benefit them. Gary will help you avoid their traps and help you find coverage advantages every year as Medicare options and costs change.


Some Vaccinations Are Covered

Medicare will cover Covid related medical costs as well as a number of vaccinations like Shingles- for more details order a copy of “Medicare and You” by calling


I help individuals in California navigate the Medicare process and get the best health plans for their specific situations.

I have helped hundreds of clients “navigate the Medicare Maze” and ensure they continue to have the best coverages going forward, and I have found that people don't know what they don’t know about Medicare, and they really don't have the time to become experts in this niche area.

My consultation is at no cost and is regulated by Medicare to provide the same compensation for each product.

I’m independent, so I can use any product that fits the needs of my clients both today and in the future.

Going forward, I will tell you what the insurance companies won’t tell you, which is that their competition might have better products and options that you should look into.

I'm always happy to meet new people. If you'd like to schedule a call with me - it's very easy. Just click here to open my calendar and schedule a time and date convenient for you.

I look forward to speaking with you and helping you on your path to the best Medicare plan for you.

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Gary sutton

Your Health Coverage is a Priority For You -


You've worked hard to get where you are - but the medicare road ahead of you isn't always clear.


Concerned About Future Costs?

“Now that I have Medicare are my health care worries behind me?”

No! Medicare doesn’t cover everything and the costs keep going up every year. Someone facetiously said to me, "Medicare is the best health plan as long and you have the money to cover what it DOESN'T cover.

If you're concerned about future costs and how you’re going to fund them - we should talk soon and I'll walk you through options the insurance companies don't want you to know about.


A Wide Range Of Healthcare Providers

We represent a wide range of healthcare companies throughout the United States. Schedule your one-to-one medicare consultation and together we will customize a healthcare solution that’s right for you.

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Don't Pay Too Much!

Paying too much is exactly what the insurance companies want - that's why they make selecting the right coverage so confusing.

Affording Prescriptions

It's critical to make to understand your specific needs up front, and get help selecting the right coverage to match your needs.

Set Your Budget

We work with our clients to help set budgets for now, and for the future. Keeping your options open for the future is of utmost importance.

What Will Medicare Cover

A consultation experience with Gary Sutton will leave you knowing exactly what your coverage options are so you can enjoy peace of mind when it comes to your healthcare.

Foreign Travel Coverage

You've worked hard and now it's time to go see the world and experience all the places you've dreamed of. But will unexpected healthcare needs be covered overseas?

Medicare Supplements

Where to begin? Researching and understand the myriad of options in Medicare Supplements is not easy. We can help and you'll be confident in your final decision.

Alternative Healthcare

Alternative healthcare options are becoming more and more popular. If you are interested in this field, we can help you pick the right plan so you have the freedom to explore alternative options.

I hope you were able to learn more about the journey you're on to find the right medicare coverage for you and/or your loved one.

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Gary Sutton

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