How to apply for Medicare:

How to appeal an increase in Part B Medicare premium (IRMAA):

  • Google, SSA-POMS-IRMA Sliding Scale Table to see income and additional premiums.
  • Google, SSA-Poms-Life Changing Events to determine if you have a basis to appeal.
  • Google, Form SSA-44 to complete your appeal.
  • Google, to find the address of your local Social Security office and fax or mail your appeal.

Clients report drug discounts:

  • Shingles Vaccine costs are lower at Costco than at some drug plans.
  • and Canadian Pharmacy offer Estradiol at lower prices than drug plans.
    • PS: If you have found a way to save money on drugs let me know and I will pass it on!

Looking for Lower Drug Prices?

  • Talk to your doctor about getting a different & cheaper drug.
  • Talk to your doctor about working with a drug company to get a cost break.
  • See if you can find the drug at a lower price outside Medicare at:
    • If you have a UnitedHealthcare Medicare Supplement. Call 800-523-5800 and ask about their discount card-Denegra.
    • Rite Aid drug card.
    • Drug savings card at CVS-Target-Walgreen/
    • Wellness Pharmacy (Los Gatos) 408-356-4848
    • Now RX (located in Mountain View) 650-386-5761
    • Search drug options
    • Canadian Pharmacy 1-877-849-0015
    • 1-866-539-5330

If you are leaving an employer-based plan and have Part A and need to add Part B:

  • Google – “Ready to sign up for Part A & Part B”.
  • Scroll down to: “I have Part A and want to add Part B”.
  • Click on: Form CMS-40B and complete.
  • Scroll down to “Signing up because you’re retiring or lost job-based coverage”.
  • Click on:  Form CMS-L564.
  • Click on: “Locate your local Scouse office” to send both forms in. Call your local office if you do not hear back within 2 weeks.

“Are You Covered Under Your or Your Spouse’s Group or Retiree Health Plan?”



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